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  • The good feeling you have when you give up your aisle seat on a plan so a father and his child can sit together does not last an 8 hour plan trip.
  • Everything good corresponds with everything bad - and is perception driven.
  • It's okay to lick your glasses to clean them in the middle of no where.

Hi All,

Thanks for taking a look at Handlebar Highlights London & East Anglia Edition.


Arrival into London went off without any challenges, and I soon found myself trying to navigate the London Mass Transit System; with a 75lb Bike Case bike case no less. After one slight mix up (okay wrong train) I was at my final destination. Orientation to London was a breeze think of a Boston/DC mix of course with a slightly different accent. The main challenge in London was that my derailleur broke in transport and I had to find a bike shop to fix it a day later & 5 bike shops I came to the conclusion that since no one could do it in less than 4 days buying the part and doing it myself was the best option 2 hours later I was set. Maybe I should become a bike mechanic in London.

The Route 

After some touring in London I set out on my first bike day. I took a train to Brentwood and biked from there to Colchester.  The bike ride out of Brentwood started out great passing someCricket cricket practice and other scenery that you definitely think of when you think of rural England.  The great start was awesome since I had not worked out the route in great detail but I had a good idea of what I thought would be a great route. That good idea was just that until I approached Colchester and the good idea turned bad as fast as a banana on the bottom of a grocery bag. I made one wrong turn in search of the campground and soon I found myself on a major road (Think LA interstate) with no shoulder. Let's just say I learned how to off road bike with 75lbs worth of gear strapped to the bike, and I'm a better man for it.


My route to Harwich was much improved and I found some lovely English Country SideEngland country side to bike through. The main challenge for the day was that a screw on my rear rack decided to strip out. I now know how to fix a rack with zip ties & electrical tape. As far as Harwich goes let's just say I thought it would be bigger. I mean when I ask one person for directions and they say oh that's in town you need to go this way. I bike for 5 minutes and when I can't find it and ask again they say oh that's in town you need to go this way and they point in the opposite direction. Beach in Harwich

In summary London was a nice place to start, and Colchester a beautiful place to camp, but I am thinking the best is ahead of me.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Handlebar Highlights.


Date From To Miles
6/23 AM Earl's Court LiverPool Station


6/23 PM Brentwood Colchester


6/24 Colchester Harwich


6/25 Harwich New Harwich Ferry Dock


London to Harwich

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